Why Your Company May Ditch Xero And Switch Back To Quickbooks

Title: Why Your Company May Ditch Xero And Switch Back To Quickbooks


As of 2016, Xero has less than half the number of customers compared to QuickBooks. Even more troubling are the defections of customer from Xero back to QuickBooks.


Xero to Quickbooks Convesion

A question on Quora has received more than three thousand views: What is the best way to export from Xero to QuickBooks Online? Clearly there are a lot of Xero customers who want out. But to be fair, Xero is a decent accounting system alternative to Quickbooks with great customer support, third-party integrations, and automatic PayPal and bank synchronization. So what is the issue?


The major problem is Xero has no desktop version of their software. A majority of CPA’s and Accountants use a Quickbooks version of Quickbooks to handle accounting for their clients. A Quickbooks Online client file can be converted to a desktop version and sent off to an accountant. No such luck with Xero.


Second, there is no native way to make a backup of accounting data in Xero. You can download reports in Excel, but not only is it time consuming but the downloaded data is worthless as you cannot effectively use it for anything productive i.e. run a profit and loss report, or check an aging report at that point in time. With Quickbooks, you can.


For a fee, you can get your Xero data converted to Quickbooks. To learn more about this service, visit: http://www.quickbooksfilerepair.com/Xero-to-Quickbooks-Online.aspx


Xero to Quickbooks Convesion